JTSelf-Belief Primary Level Workbook
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JTSelf-Belief Primary Level Workbook

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    JTSelf-Belief is an inspiring inclusive workbook developed by Johnathan Thurston and the JT Academy team. Focusing on our core values of confidence, courage, and self-belief, the workbook aims to lift young people and inspire them to understand they can achieve their dreams!

    “I want you to believe in yourself and keep turning up for school.” - Johnathan Thurston

     With more than 45 engaging pages, JTSelf-belief has been created to provide young people with practical tips and sustainable solutions to achieve personal growth and life success. In this book, young people will be inspired to believe in themselves and develop life aspirations. They will also learn to: 

    • Discover who they are
    • Develop self-esteem
    • Use positive self-talk
    • Recognise their strengths

    And much more….

    This workbook is a part of the JTBelieve series which consists of 7 self-developmental topics designed to teach important life skills and qualities such as personal well-being, goal setting, leadership skills, courage, confidence, and gratitude. By working through the JTBelieve workbooks, young people are encouraged and inspired to be the best version of themselves. 

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