JTGoals Secondary
JTGoals Secondary
JTGoals Secondary

    JTGoals Secondary

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      JTGoals is a workbook developed by Johnathan Thurston, and the JT Academy team, to help children dream big and achieve things they never thought possible!


      “No goal was ever met without a little sweat.” - Johnathan Thurston.


      The JTGoals workbook (over 30 pages) will provide your children or students with practical tips and sustainable solutions to achieve personal growth and life success. They will learn:

      • The importance of goals
      • How to recognise SMART goals
      • To identify a support network
      • The steps needed to achieve long term goals 

      They will create and foster good habits for life. They will understand how this positively affects their self-esteem and confidence. They will feel inspired to keep chasing their goals! 

      This workbook forms part of the JTBelieve series - a collection of 7 workbooks designed to teach important life skills and qualities such as self-belief, confidence, wellbeing, community, courage and leadership. 

      The JTBelieve series is available as eBooks or paperbacks in Primary and Secondary school versions. Suitable for all learning styles.

      If you are interested in bulk buy for school or classroom, please contact us here. 




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