JTCourage Primary
JTCourage Primary
JTCourage Primary

    JTCourage Primary

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      JTBelieve is a series of 7 booklets inspired by the programs and workshops that are delivered and run by the JT Academy.  Johnathan and his team have developed programs, books, and resources that aim to empower our youth, to achieve personal growth and life success.

      The booklets in the JTBelieve series are available as ebooks or paperbacks.  Primary and Secondary school versions available for each booklet. Suited and developed for all learning styles.

      Use these booklets with your tween at home or give the book to your teenager and encourage them to work on them in places where they feel most inspired. 

      JTCourage – Book 3 (30 pages) Johnathan’s personal favourite. JT's journey forced him to build and learn the skills to face his fears and struggles. Courage is simply the ability to face your fears. When you have courage, you already feel like a WINNER!

      FIRST, we shall all be BRAVE...

      THEN, we shall inspire and teach others to be FEARLESS…


      They will learn:

      1. That courage is simply about facing your fears
      2. That no one person is born with more courage than another
      3. Even JT has days he needs to dig deep and be BRAVE
      4. Comfort zones are for stepping out of
      5. To aim for progress, not perfection
      6. The simple steps to conquer your fears
      7. How to recognise and know their fears
      8. How to build an action plan
      9. Affirmations that ooze Courage, Bravery, Boldness
      10. Roar like a LION – the Courage Factor

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