JTCommunity Secondary
JTCommunity Secondary
JTCommunity Secondary

    JTCommunity Secondary

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      JTBelieve is a series of 7 booklets inspired by the programs and workshops that are delivered and run by the JT Academy.  Johnathan and his team have developed programs, books, and resources that aim to empower our youth, to achieve personal growth and life success.

      The booklets in the JTBelieve series are available as ebooks or paperbacks.  Primary and Secondary school versions available for each booklet. Suited and developed for all learning styles.

      Use these booklets with your tween at home or give the book to your teenager and encourage them to work on them in places where they feel most inspired. 

      JTCommunity– Book 6 (30 pages) There is no power GREATER than the power of a COMMUNITY.  JTCommunity is a journey of understanding that we are all part of something special, "community", and encourages the learning that the community is about coming together to help one another. When people come together and help each other THE AMAZING  HAPPENS.

      They will learn:

      1. To see good in others
      2. The value of a compliment
      3. Community heroes
      4. How they can contribute to their community
      5. The various types of communities
      6. To value and look after their community
      7. How to make a difference
      8. Community treasures
      9. Taking care of their environment

      Good People Bring Out The Good In People….

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