JTCourage Primary Level Workbook
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JTCourage Primary Level Workbook

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    JTCourage is an uplifting workbook created to help young people navigate the difficulties in their life, so they can step into the life they have anyways dreamed of. Challenges can’t be avoided on the journey towards success, but your actions and responses to challenges can make all the difference.

    “Keep your head up and your heart strong.” - Johnathan Thurston. 

    With more than 45 pages of inspiring activities, JTCourage aims to build strong and determined minds that can fight through the toughest barriers and challenges. This workbook also teaches young people about:

    • Their character and voice
    • The elements of courage
    • Being fearless, confident, strong, and amazing

    And much more….

    This workbook is a part of the JTBelieve series which consists of 7 self-developmental topics designed to teach important life skills and qualities such as personal well-being, goal setting, leadership skills, confidence, gratitude, and self-belief. By working through the JTBelieve workbooks, young people are encouraged and inspired to be the best version of themselves. 

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